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Photoshop Masking

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A step-by-step guide introducing the use of masks in Photoshop and illustrating the many ways in which this powerful tool can be used to bring flexibility and ease to digital design work. A special chapter on the use of masks in digital scrapbooking is included.

This book covers: Theory, Basic Steps, Cropping/Moving/Resizing, Soft & Hard-Edged Cut-Outs, Blending Multiple Images, Decorative Edges, Textures & Special Effects, Text Effects, Retouching/Colorizing Black & White Photos, Easy Assembly-line Scrapbook Layouts & Interlocked Scrapbook Layouts.

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This book is available in hard-copy from a print-on-demand company named Lulu. All aspects of the ordering process are conducted by them via their website. You can also buy the pdf version from them as a 107mb file download. The product page is here:

Photoshop Masks on

If you prefer, you can purchase the hard-copy from lulu via amazon. The package will still come from lulu, but you will be paying amazon and can use any amazon gift credit you may have.

Photoshop Masks on

New! This book is now available in digital format on itunes for iPhone, iPad or iPod touch:

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It is also available at B&N for use with the Nook:

Photoshop Masks at the Nook Bookstore.


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