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Quilt Calculator 1.0 ($3.50)

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The Quilt Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that calculates seam allowances, estimates yardage and gives cutting directions for standard quilting shapes. If, for example, you know your project is going to need a certain number of 3x3 inch finished squares, the QuiltCalculator can tell you what size the cut squares will need to be including the 1/4 seam allowances, how much fabric you should buy, and how to cut that piece of fabric up into the required number of pieces. In addition to squares, you can run calculations for rectangles, half&quarter-square triangles, half-rectangle triangles, trapazoids, & parallelograms. It also handles backing fabric and borders. This program will run on any computer that supports Flash 8.

See it in action here: Quilt Calculator.

You may also watch a flash presentation describing how to use the Quilt Calculator when planning your next quilt here: Demo.

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