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Flower Girl Dress
The notes and pattern I used to sew a tulle and satin flower girl dress for my 3 year old.
Fairy Rag Doll Pattern
Make your own little flower fairy friends out of odds and ends from your sewing stash.
Storm At Night Quilt (Basic)
An eye-catching twist on the traditional Storm-at-Sea pattern.
Photoshop Masking
A step-by-step guide introducing the use of masks in Photoshop and illustrating the many ways in which this powerful tool can be used to bring flexibility and ease to digital design work. A special chapter on the use of masks in digital scrapbooking is included. Hard copy and digital versions are available.
Quilt Calculator 1.0
The Quilt Calculator is an easy-to-use tool that calculates seam allowances, estimates yardage and gives cutting directions for standard quilting shapes.
Wisteria Crochet Shawl
Crochet a long, romantic wrap that looks intricate and complex, but in fact only uses 4 basic stitches.
Cozy Little Penguin
This quick and easy pattern will turn a few scraps of fabric into an adorable 3" penguin perfect for holiday and winter decorating
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